Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yahoo in talks with Yugo to stave off MSFT bid

Really folks, just get it over with already? How many different suitors are the folks at Yahoo going to drum up in this process? Who's next, Sara Lee or John Deere?

$31 is a fair price for your company, take it now before it drops lower. In reality, with the recent accelerated decline of the greenback, this deal is worth less today than it was a month ago. What this means Jerry, is that coupled with the time value of money means you can buy fewer Ferraris today than you could last month with the money from this deal.

I, among millions of others, really don't want to see this thing drag out any longer than it should. Shareholder expense and media hogging aside, this will be a good thing for search and for the internet as a whole. It's time to let the positives start outweighing the negatives.

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