Monday, March 10, 2008

No experience necessary?

A story this morning on MSNBC talks about the dwindling impact of MBA's and the lack of correlation between the degree and career success. The demise of the MBA has been reported before in many different outlets. However, have you noticed the demand for the advanced degree decreasing? It seems as if you can pick one up on the way to the corner store now as they are available online, at extension colleges, at workplaces, in vending machines, etc.

Perhaps the issue of declining impact or value in the degree is the proliferation of options available. I would argue that just because you can get a cup of coffee anywhere these days, a good cup is still hard to find. You just have to put in the effort and the rewards from that good cup are quite satisfying. The same could be said for an MBA, just because anyone can get one from Western Virginia Polytechnical Ecumenical College doesn't mean it will carry any weight.

Due to the increasing proliferation of MBA's minted each year, the statistics will undoubtedly show that the degree is less of a prediction of career success. That said, an MBA from a top school is still a rare commodity and will, with a lot of hard work, luck and networking, provide you with very successful career options.

You don't need an MBA to be successful and true, having one doesn't guarantee riches, but having one and working your tail off will definitely get you somewhere.

Go Babson Beavers!

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