Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's a good capitalist to do today?

Well, it's no surprise I have Republican leanings given my b-school background and business-centric mentality. I still can't really get behind McCain but I can help to put off the demise of our country from a socialist uprising. Today's primaries are a true watershed moment for the US. If Obama wins Ohio and Texas today, you better open up your checkbooks America. Social spending and tax increases will be just around the corner. I'm not saying that Hillary will be much better but she will at least support corporate America in many more ways than her opponent.

Sen. Obama is riding a populist wave of support that I haven't seen since, oh, Bill Clinton and should sweep to victory today. I just hope that the people of America don't fall for him for all the wrong reasons. Look at what has happened in economies like France, Canada, England, etc. that have fallen for the worker first mentality. It's not good for business! Just ask GM what it has done for their bottom line.

Many people subscribe to the pro-worker camp but fail to overlook the main point. If businesses don't make profits, jobs will be cut. So putting undue pressure on labor costs, health care premiums, corporate taxes, etc. all the prosperity that is promised by the Obama campaign will be for naught.

Let's hope that common "cents" saves the day today.

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