Monday, February 11, 2008

Yahoo, Yahoo, Yahoo....

What are you waiting for? I can understand that you are trying to maximize shareholder value but really folks! Take the bid already. Counter with a share price that you would take and get moving already. By dragging your feet and basically hitting a forehand over the net back to MSFT, you're being a slow, inefficient monolith just like they are further illustrating why you two should be together in the first place.

Here's how a negotiation should work between you two. "Hello Yahoo, this is Steve B. at MSFT. Care to sell your company for $31/share (way more than what you are currently worth btw)?" You, "No thanks Steve, but how about $35/share?" Steve B, "Sure, let me check with my bank, hold a sec.....OK, let's do it and get to work."

See how easy that was? The idea is merge quick, be nimble and attack Google. Not slog through it, kill the morale at both companies, muddle the brand and die a long painful AOL/TW death.

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