Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For whom the bell tolls

Will it be the Democrats or Republicans this year? I can't honestly say at this point. Our primary was held yesterday in VA and being a Republican supporter, I found few reasons to actually get out and rock the vote. At this point in the game, either candidate remaining is a losing option for me. The good ol' Red Staters are seemingly mailing it in this time with McCain or Huckabee as their options. Neither is a strong option against the Democrats IMHO.

Obama has been rallying his "cult of personality" zeitgeist to dizzying results in recent primaries and he handily trounced Hillary yesterday around the beltway. This is a disturbing trend for Republicans and is eerily reminiscent of what Bill C. did back in late '91 and early '92 building momentum that couldn't be overtaken.

How do you feel as business people and technologists about the possibility of an Obama regime? How will your strategy shift if he is elected to the Presidency given his policy leanings? Do you think it is too early to add a Maple Leaf to our Stars n' Stripes?

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