Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Overwired? Overtired? Spread too thin? How do you simplify?

An article on MSNBC today talks about a reporter that claims to be "Over-wired". What do you think? Are you entangled with massive cables and cords and constantly plugged in? How do you cope with the relentless stream of information that hurtles at you during the day? What strategies do you use for managing your day that you can share?

I recently participated in a program called "Speed with Purpose" led by a great instructor named Jeff Irby. His premise is that by slowing down your intake and by using a defined system, you can effectively become more productive in your day to day life. I've incorporated many of his tools and techniques and have found enhanced productivity and focus on my core values.

This program is one of many approaches to simplifying and managing our lives in this hectic, digital age.

What is the best tactic that you use on a daily basis to organize and simplify your digital life?

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