Thursday, February 7, 2008

Who's snooping who?

According to a story in the WSJ today, we are more exposed than we previously thought when online. The intelligence community, foreign police services, even teenagers who are still wearing braces can tap into your Skype communications, private chat room trysts and see what color your underwear is from a satellite.

The funny thing is that those most concerned with privacy are the same people doing things that they wouldn't do in public.

I am a firm believer that privacy is a relative term. You must be able to hide in plain sight and stop worrying about who or what is looking into your business. As most parents of young children can agree, there is nowhere in the home to just "get away". Work calls, emails, chats, etc. are monitored. You can't sit at a coffee shop on WiFi without worrying about an over the shoulder snooper or password sweeper. If you want to truly be private in your life, the wild hills of Montana are a great place to start. That being said, you might be even easier to pick out without the masses protecting you.

I find that if I want to get away, I go to work or off to exercise. That allows me time to just shut my office door or pound some treadmill miles to truly unplug.

What do you do to get away and gain some privacy?

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