Tuesday, January 29, 2008

iPhone "Unlocked": Why more companies don't follow Apple's lead

I can only imagine the "concern" that Apple must be conveying to AT&T who is signed up as the official distributor of iPhones in the US. The news release today that 25% (over 1M units) of all iPhones have been "unlocked" to work on other networks is terrible news to their partnership. Who knew that all these savvy gear jockeys would deconstruct the security and proprietary network schemae only to use their new ~$500 gadget freely across the wireless provider spectrum? Do you think that Apple will be kicking back some of that $500M in product revenue to AT&T to cover their losses?

This is the future folks. More companies need to break down these solo partnerships / distributorships and use open-source product release models so that our gadgets are not locked to an oligarchy or monopoly of service providers. I'm sure that the Linux crowd will agree with that. Now if I could only download DRM free music from iTunes...

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