Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bluetooth's Second Wave

Could there possibly be a more overhyped consumer technology in the last 20 years? The promise of Bluetooth has just not panned out. I've tried, and returned or sold, three different headsets for my cellphone. I've unpaired the phone from my wife's car. I've unpaired my cell from my Powerbook. My Bluetooth mouse never worked properly for anything that resembles mouse pointing. What is it with this technology? Now, we're promised the next wave? How about fixing the first wave?

As far as ideas go, Bluetooth was an amazing one....but it never lived up to its promise. I certainly don't have my hopes up that the second wave will live up to the bloated expectations set by the first.

My idea for Bluetooth is that it should be utilized sparingly, perhaps in the home or office. Pair your coffee mug at work with all the full pots in the office and you'll know whenever you're in range of a full pot. Or perhaps, put Bluetooth on every sock you own so you'll know where it's twin is within 5 feet.

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